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Can't load GitHub

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Can't load GitHub

When I first got HughesNet in beginning of 2018, I could access github just fine. About six months after and until now, I have been unable to load it. The website and any programs that update from that site cannot connect. Google Chrome and Firefox both just give me a "connection reset" error or "connection timed out" error. Seems to be the case for any repository as google drive does it too however that will still load 80% of the time. I contacted support and they simply said "GitHub doesn't work with us. Try Google Drive." then they turned my web accelerator back on as an attempt to fix it. (I have it turned off because some websites don't like it.) Sure I can use Google Drive but I can't have everyone that I download files from just switch over to that as well.


Anyone have experience with this and come up with any workarounds or cures?