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Can't load hulu too much buffering

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Can't load hulu too much buffering

I have the gen5 modem and 20g for data. I'm no were at my max levels. I watch hulu through my smart TV and modem is set to 5hz and about 1 foot away from TV. 2 cell phones on the 2.5hz. When hulu is on it rarely loads as it constant buffering, will play for 20 seconds and buffer again over and over. Netflix will do the same for abt 5 minutes then we can watch for abt 30 minutes before buffering again. This is a new installation only a month old with clear skys.
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Are you sure that you are not out of data?  You can check here.    


Also, if the streaming is in HD, are you turning off, or snoozing, the Video Data Saver?  If not, you should do so.   



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After taking a closer look at your account, the diagnosis informed me that you have exceeded your monthly allotment of data and are subjected to the Fair Access Policy Here are some great tips to help mitigate some of the data usage problems that you are experiencing,



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I cannot watch netflix without it buffering every few minutes. I know I am not out of data for the month. This happens no matter what time of the month it is or how much data I have remaining.

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You should create a new topic under Tech Support, so the mods can focus specifically on you under that topic.   At what time of the day do you notice the buffering?