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Can't receive calls

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Can't receive calls

 For some reason we cannot receive incoming calls,.  When I try to call the number from my cell phone it just rings until it goes to voicemail.  Our house phone that is connected does not ring at all or show any missed calls.  Cannot figure out what's going on. Help please. 


Hello MikeR,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community.  I am sorry to hear this. I am going to need a few pieces of information before we can start troubleshooting. 


1. Do you have our HughesNet Voice service (VOIP)?


2. When you mention your house phone is connected, are referencing a third-party house phone connected to the modem/network? 


3. What number did you try to call back and was this the number that called you on your house phone originally? Are you trying to use Wi-Fi calling? 


4. When did this problem start?