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Can’t watch YouTube videos, Netflix etc on any wireless devices

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Can’t watch YouTube videos, Netflix etc on any wireless devices

I have had Hughesnet at my home for 3 years and never had a problem watching videos. I recently had the same system installed at my parents old home. Since the day it was installed I have been unable to watch videos on any wireless device. I turned on the web accelerator and turned off the data saver and it made no difference. I can do a Speedtest on wireless and it shows uplink and downlink are fine. It makes no sense. My WiFi works fine watching videos at the other house and everywhere else but here it just buffers. Any help or suggestions appreciated
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Are you able to watch videos with a device that is connected via LAN cable?  


Also, do you know if the service at your parents' house is on the same satellite and beam as your own?  You can see with the Satellite Name and Beam ID on this modem page.   


For reference, the Web Acceleration is on by default.  Unless you've turned it off for some reason you shouldn't need to turn it on, as it already will be.

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