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Cancellation denied / Hughes Net does NOT run VPN

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Cancellation denied / Hughes Net does NOT run VPN

I signed up for Hughes Net being informed that the Buisness Plan 50GB would work perfectly with running my VPN to enable me to work from home during this COVID 19 Pandemic. I have run into nothing but issues from the first day of installation. I have spoken with tech support on 3 different occasions trying to troubleshoot the issue and nothing has helped. I was also informed when I signed up that if the service was not sufficient enough to run a VPN I could cancel with a full refund. So I called to cancel (sat on hold for 45 minutes) and the tech representative I spoke to informed me that Hughes Net CANNOT run a VPN due to the latency. That would've been nice to know when I was promised during signup that it would work. I also am not able to cancel without paying a early termination fee of $815 for the two year contract. I am beyond upset with this company and the misinformation provided. On top of it, I live in a rural area where I have no phone service and rely on WIFI calling, which Hughesnet cannot support either. So not only am I not able to use my VPN to work from home, I cannot make any calls out or in anymore. Terrible service, my DSL service with less then 1mb speed upload and download worked better then this provider. So now I am stuck paying double the cost of internet with the lower 35GB Buisness Plan for the next 2 years compared to my previous DSL Provider or pay the $815 cancellation fee plus the $219 to signup. UNBELIEVABLE. Example of the latency in photo attached. The internet drops every couple of seconds.


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Unfortunately, this site is for residential accounts only. 

Hi tgustin25,


Thanks for posting. To further elaborate on what maratsade said, this community is geared towards our residential customers; the moderators have limited capabilities with business accounts. If your account number starts with "SME", please call 800.347.3272 for support. We appreciate your understanding.




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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I have been having issue since I had it installed 12/2019 and it nevers gets fixed. We run out of data in days and I have the 50GB service.  It is slow and they keep telling me I can't cancel even knowing I have been complaining since it has been installed.


Does anyone know who to call or contact to be able to get the service cancelled with out being charged their cancellation fees, which I dont think should be allowed.

If their service worked the way it is supposed to I wouldn't need to cancell.

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Unfortunately, right now a lot of people's service is slow.  The system is suffering from an incredible increase in traffic volume, and it's affecting service speed for many.  HughesNet has also put a prioritization policy in place that favors work and schooling related activities during periods of high volume, and that's increasingly becoming around the clock as of late.  Because of this policy, many other activities, such as streaming and file downloads, are taking a back seat.


If your speed are inordinately low and you're having a difficult time even doing the most basic of tasks, I suggest creating a new topic in Tech Support and asking for help.  Running some speed test will be needed as a part of the troubleshooting process.  The instructions for those tests are here.  


The only way to cancel your service is by calling 866-347-3292 or 877-329-1403.  There's no alternate means to cancel.  It has to be done via phone.  And the only way they may allow you to cancel without paying the ETF is if you're having an issue that is not able to be fixed.  However, the slower speeds right now are not likely to be grounds for that.


For your data usage issue, both this page and this page may be of help.

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