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Cannot Connect To Internet

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Cannot Connect To Internet

My hughesnet was installed recently and because the tech was running late he didn't check to see if I was completely connected on all my devices. Long story short after battling with hughes about what was preventing the connection I figured it out on my own however, I am only connected through my phone and tablet and not my pc. I connected my pc to the modem via the Ethernet cable but I still can't connect. Everytime I try to connect to the system control center and I get a screen that looks like it should be the site but if you were maybe looking at it from a code perspective if that makes sense. The page looks like this:


Then, it has the words hughesnet then:

{{Side_bar.home}} {{side_bar.connectivity_test}}

And more. None of these are links I can click on. The mouse makes the pointer thing to indicate it's a link however or does nothing if I click on them.

I need to add that I have windows xp and it's pretty old but regardless they said it should still connect.
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The problem most definitely has to do with Windows XP and the browser you are using, especially if it's Internet Explorer.  It's too old and won't work correctly with certain parts of the net, nor the System Control Center.  


You could try something like Firefox, which I can get to work somewhat with XP and System Control Center, but keep in mind that your Windows XP computer is full of security holes and very vulnerable.  

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Connections are slow and WiFi doesn't work. My installer ran out the door and told me good luck and now I know why! It's Hells Net not Hughes Net!

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Please create a new thread -- adding your issues to another thread may not get the attention of the moderators, as they prefer to help each user individually.   You should also stop posting in other sections.   Your best bet is to create one post that states your issues and wait for the moderators to respond.  They are here M-F from about 9 to 5. 


Connections are slow and WiFi doesn't work.

Sorry I dont know wht a thread is???? I'm a cross stitcher I only use floss. What is a moderator? I'm not acomputer person, Sorry

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Go to:


Click the blue button labeled: Start a topic

In the box labeled Subject, give your topic a title


On the right hand side, select one or more labels from "Choose a label."


In the box labeled Body, type your issues as clearly as you can.


When you're done, click Post.




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