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Cannot access email from Outlook or Macintosh mail

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Cannot access email from Outlook or Macintosh mail

Can someone in Tech Support please respond to this?  


I posted this problem yesterday and there is no response.  I have been a hughesnet user for 13 years.  We have both Windows and Mac computers here.  We use Outlook and Macintosh mail as email clients.  Both worked fine for many years.  Suddenly, neither can get into the email server.  I see that other users have had this problem.  Their suggestions do not solve the problem.  I have called technical support two times and they blame it on my hardware which is BS.  The problem is clearly with the hughesnet email server.


Is there anybody there?


Robert Oder



Distinguished Professor IV

You may want to stick with your original thread here:; when the HN reps on this site reply, they will likely reply there. Creating new threads will not get a reply faster, but if you have anything additional to add, you should add it to your original thread. They may take a while to answer, too; for immediate answers you can try chat and/or the phone reps. I know you've tried the latter and not been successful, so your best bet may be to wait until a rep replies to you on this site.

I created the second thread intentionally, to try to get a response, because nobody responded to the first thread.  Do you have a technical solution to offer for this technical problem?  Or are you just trying to scold me?  I have 30 years experience as an electrical engineer, (including working at Hughes Space and Comm in the eighties - where we invented this stuff...) and I'm pretty certain the problem is not on my end.  I can see from what others have posted that others have also had this problem, using a variety of devices and clients.  Yesterday when I spoke with technical support it was as though I was talking to a child.  One of them even changed my password without even asking me about it first, so I'm getting pretty fed up.  


Hughesnet email has always been flaky, but it has become much worse this year.  I have to put up with it because I'm in a remote location.


Where is online tech support?

Distinguished Professor IV

I am a fellow subscriber, and it's likely that you have scads more knowledge about this issue than I do.  Scold you? Not at all. I've been on this community for years and was simply telling you to stick to your original post, as posting multiple times does not effect the result you were looking for.   I sympathise with your frustrations, and I think everyone would, including the HN reps on this site.  I hope a rep will reply to you, but it's somewhat iffy during the holidays.