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Categorizing these download speed issues...Just an idea?

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Categorizing these download speed issues...Just an idea?

With so many customers experiencing slow download speeds these days, wouldn't it be a good idea to start categorizing these complaints so the HughesNet engineers or those corporate level representatives that moderate these message boards can get a more accurate account of what all is going on?


Some of the newer complaints being posted, specifically related to 'speed' by customers are either going unnoticed, or simply getting buried.


From my own personal experience with these slowed download speeds, if I go into my System Control Center (which can be viewed by entering into your browser) and click my System Status, it is showing that my system is fully operational 0.0.0 and there is nothing alerting me of a possible degraded service. I can also, from that same screen, I can access my System Information and verify what satellite and beam I am using.



Even though everything is green...indicating that my system/service is working as it should, based on my speed tests, obviously my service is very much degraded because my download speeds are extremely slow. (very low mbps and kbps range)

So something is obviously going on...we just don't know what as of yet.


Now there are some customers who's system status IS experiencing specific connectivity problems which is also causing their overall download speeds to become slow...they may notice that their system is yellow, and there may be a code that is generated as a result of that deteriorated state. This may be an idication that something is not quite right with their equipment, something may be loose, or some other 'technical' issue that can be analyzed using the code that is being generated.


Going back to categorizing these 'speed' complaints...

If we, as a community, can somehow organize these complaints into at least two seperate threads...


One thread/category for those customers, like myself, who are experiencing extremely slow speeds, that may or may not have been going on for several weeks and for no apparent reason and the customer has verified these slow speeds through a series of speed tests over a period of days and/or weeks.


Another thread/category for those customers also experiencing slow speeds who in addition, when accessing their system control center, are generating codes and such.


I would think anyone posting in these two categories should, at minimum, be required to post a short description of what it is that they are experiecing as far as speeds is concerned, along with a link to any speed tests that they have conducted, and the satellite and beam that they are pointed to.


From there..I think the engineers and the HughesNet reps could, no doubt, get a better grip on what all is really going on....cause quite frankly, it's a complete cluster *you know what* in here these days and it's not surprising that a lot of customers pleas for help are going nowhere.


just an idea..but one that may help the current situation.