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Chewing Through Data


Chewing Through Data

Just started Hughesnet in March.  new house and ONLY Service available at the time.

I work from home and needed Internet, so hooked up Hughesnet and I must say that it is the worst Internet service I have had since the dial-up days!

I got the highest Plan available - 50G and chew through it in a matter of 8-10 days and then have to endure the worst speeds ever for the rest of the month.

I occasionally resort to buying some more Data just to get through some things but that gets expensive real fast.


Streaming Netflix or NickJr - Forget it - Buffer city!

Hulu won't even connect for me - always says there's an internet issue.


So frustrating - Can't wait for CenturyLink to put in lines and I willpay any exit fee I have to pay to get off this!


Is there any Plan higher than 50G?



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Re: Chewing Through Data

The section where you have posted is not for Hughesnet support.  Please post in the Tech Support forum, where your issue will have much more visibility and get responses.