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Chronic Internet Failure is getting old

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Chronic Internet Failure is getting old

For THIRD time in approximately 7 months, my internet is not available because of some transmit problem or whatever state code 12.3.2 is. I really  don't have time to talk to "technicians" on the phone, knowing I have already tried multiple times exactly what they are going to insist I go through again.


My internet has been down since before Christmas, I have been running my home network using my Verizon hotspot. I live in the mountains of Idaho and I don't get the best reception on my cell phone, so it is slow, if it doesn't go away altogether, depending on where I am standing. However, gotta have internet, so I have to bear with it. It is extremely inconvenient.


Living on a ranch doesn't give a person much time to spend 1 plus hour on a phone talking to somebody who is just going to end up sending someone out anyway. Now, granted, the last time this happened (I think about 2 or 3 months ago), the techs here in the community section were much much more help than anyone I would speak to on the tech phones. I know they have to run  through a script they have to troubleshoot, but I have already done all that, because I know HOW to do all that now. I could probably WORK at hughesnet by now seeing as I know just as much, if not more, than the supposed techs on the phones. I digress though. As much as it irritates me to speak to the phone people, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the techs here actually know what they are doing and are extremely helpful and do things expiditiously. I do appreciate that. It's still a pain that I even have to be here though, so I'm not TOTALLY going to praise all of Hughesnet! No offense to the techs here. You all are fine.


I need this problem rectified again as soon as possible! Just like I am ranting on Hughesnet, I am also getting the 1st degree by my boyfriend who MUST be on Craigslist nightly (he thinks the whole internet is Craigslist, but he's learning!), so since he knows absolutely NOTHING really about anything remotely technical, I have to do it, and he thinks all I have to do is call somebody and they just flip a switch. Wishful thinking! So here I am again. He pays the bill so I gotta keep him happy or we get no internet. Well, he won't. I have a smart phone. Digressing again.


Some info. There was no storm or windy nights when the internet went out. I have unplugged the modem multiple times. It is even unplugged now, because sometimes it seems to not let me connect my computer on my hotspot. Could just be a fluke, dunno. When it is plugged in, I think the only lights that are on, are the power light, and the LAN light, I already ran the systemcontrolcenter multiple times when I did have the modem hooked up. State code is 12.3.2 - A transmit problem, Summary Operational State - Down, TCP acceleration Down. Those are the things I think are related, please let me know if I am wrong! Thank you in advance for your help.


Renee & Jerry

Hello Jerry,



Thank you for reaching out. I apologize for your frustration. After reviewing your account, I see that we need to send a tech out to your location. Please see your private messages for further assistance.