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Connection Reset Error - Have to restart HN 9000 Modem a Couple Times a Day

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Connection Reset Error - Have to restart HN 9000 Modem a Couple Times a Day

I have an HN 9000. One or two times a day trying to access most websites results in a "connection was reset" error (in the browser) and forces me to restart the modem. That is, unplugging it, waiting 30 secs, and several minutes to reboot. I'd called support about this and the above is the solution offered - and it does solve the problem - until it occurs again. However, this is kinda ridiculous and something of an inconvenience wouldn't you say?

This problem started within the last 30 days or so. It never did this before. There has been no change is OS (windows 7) or the equipment I'm using.

As a side note, when this happens I can still access some very popular sites, Facebook, Youtube, etc... Makes me wonder if something is screwy with your DNS resolution process? (Not an expert on these matters though.) I'm not actually getting a DNS error. It says, "Connection was reset."

The fellow I talked to at support mentioned something about "too many people on the line." I assume he was referring to a problem at HN as I'm often (but not always) the only one on my local network when this occurs. BTW - It's not an Ethernet cable, browser or a router issue. (I tested this theory already, substituting other equipment and various browsers.)

I'm glad the problem can be resolved by restarting the modem but again, the solution provided is rather tedious for the end user. Anyway, as there doesn't seem to be anything I can do on my end to ultimately resolve this issue, I'd appreciate it if somebody would put this in the "complaint box" for me. ;-)  Seriously though, if there's something I'm missing that I could try, I'm open to suggestions. Heck, maybe you're already aware of this issue?

I really hope this is something your technicians can eventually fix.

Thanks much,

Re: Connection Reset Error - Have to restart HN 9000 Modem a Couple Times a Day

HI fitweb,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of your experience, but hopefully I'll be able to provide some feedback and get to a resolution. I have enough from your profile information to pull up your account. I will investigate and report back to you when I have something. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we help address your concerns.

Thank you,