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Consistent Uplink Error

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Consistent Uplink Error

For the past few weeks or so, I've been consistently getting uplink errors. The hourly history in Diagnostics will be all red X. The issue appears to resolve either when I'm not home or during Bonus Zone. In addition, I reboot the modem from the website nearly every day in order to clear the uplink issue for around 5 minutes. My system is in FAP the majority of the month, so I know I have lower speeds. I'm unable to load most websites and cannot send or recieve iMessages either as text or photos. It can take more than an hour of repetitive attempts to get a photo to send, regardless of image size. I also have issues with emojis! Unable to make wifi phone calls and HughesNet is my only connectivity to the outside world. There is no cell service within 20 minutes of home.


Service: Gen5

Modem: HT2000W

Current satellite recieve signal: 94

Satellite Name: EchoStar-19-NAD

Gateway ID: 14

Beam ID:68

Outroute ID: 3 

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Unfortunately, WiFi calling isn't supported by HughesNet.  That doesn't mean that some people haven't gotten it to work to one degree or another, but only that it's not supported. 


I'm not sure about the iMessages/texts over HughesNet.  I'm sure the reps and/or other subscribers can give some ideas with that.  


As for the rest, the reps will likely want to perform remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment.  They'll likely need some personal info from you in order to locate your account, but they'll ask for it to be given via private message, for which they will provide a link.


The reps are on Monday through Friday, from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They usually reply within a working day, but sometimes it can take two.  Hopefully you'll see a reply from one tomorrow, especially with tomorrow being Friday.

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Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. iMessage has been reported to work well in certain cases but like most things, latency can affect how quickly they go through. Of course, combined with the speeds being throttled, this can result in slow sending or failure to be sent altogether.  


When it comes to running diagnostics, I am currently unable to get communication with the modem for an accurate reading. I can, however, see that there was bad alignment reported by the dish the last time there was communication. I will try running it again and if we are met with this same message, a technician will need to go out for a dish repoint.



Hi Damian. Thanks for the response and your attempt to run diagnostics. I’ll be curious what you’re able to find out if you can connect to the modem. Is there any adjustment I’m able to perform to repoint the dish?
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Only a HughesNet tech can repoint the dish.  Is your modem plugged in? If not, leave it plugged in so Damian can communicate with it. 

Thanks maratsade, the modem is plugged in. I’ll wait to hear what the result of the diagnostics is. Hopefully a repointing is all it takes to get back to consistent connections.
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I hope this gets fixed quickly for you once Damian returns next week.  If he still can't connect to your modem, he may send a tech to fix the issue.



Thank you for your patience. Please refer to your private message for details regarding the repoint. 



Appreciate it, Damian. Fingers crossed the repoint gets the service back.