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Customer Support

I had always received excellent customer technical support. There was always a person to speak with who was knowledgeable, polite and efficient. I hated to give up this internet service but it proved too weak to stream many channels and the limited data allowance was just unacceptable.
Assistant Professor

Not sure what you mean by "too weak to stream many channels". Do you mean the speed was too slow to stream from services like Netflix and Hulu? If you mean streaming to more than one device at a time then yes, satellite can not do that well at all.

We are lucky enough to have the Ultra plan but this is all we've used 23 days into refill date even with a fair amount of streaming at low definition and some SD. Mostly Netflix (love us some Peaky Blinders) and YouTube.


Hi godwin166,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! We appreciate the feedback. I'm glad to hear that you've had a good experience with our customer service. Always good to see some positive reviews. I do see that you've already processed the cancellation of your account. Wish we were able to meet your needs here. However I hope everything goes well with your next ISP.

Thank you,