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I signed up for Hughes without knowing there was a data cap. Seems like every month I was having to pay more, or call and some free extra data to make it thru the month. After one year of my 2 year agreement, I moved. I called to have it moved, and they came out and told me it couldn't be done where I lived. Nine days later I received a cancellation email which thanked me for being a Hughes customer. Here is where the fun bega. Three weeks later, they took my monthly fee out of my account. I had been expecting a refund. When I called, they informed me my service had never been cancelled. They blamed me. Really?? They also preceded to tell me I owed another $190 termination fee. When I asked about the cancellation email they had sent, they said that was for the service they could not provide that day. The email said none of this. The best I could get out of them was they waived the cancellation fee, but refused to refunf the 2 payments for the 2 months I never had service with them. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!
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