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Data draining, slow speeds, poor service

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Data draining, slow speeds, poor service

I have had the service about 6 weeks and am having the same problem. Every time I call, they are having extremely high call volume. I've been calling since December and my issues still aren't resolved. If I can get someone on the phone it's usually in the Philippines. The last two techs I've actually got on the phone couldn't help me and eventually just disconnected the call. I called again yesterday telling the rep that I can see data transmission and receiving/sending data on my modem even though every device was turned off and unplugged. We (myself and one child) burned through 70% our data plan (20g) in four days. One of which was New Year's Day when we were not home and the service was interrupted for tech issues on there side. How is that even possible?? No one seems to have an answer however I'm still paying the bill. We have been told everything from it's because you have walls in your house and the service can't go through them, your devices must all be unplugged when not in use, possibly the modem is bad (it's their equipment and 6 weeks old) to you need a wi fi booster. Of which they sent and did not really do any good. Even 10 feet from the modem it will take a good 5 mins to load something. Odd to me how their wi fi tester shows an excellent connection every time. Even in my garage through two brick walls but can't load a video 10 feet from the modem. I'm just about done with this whole thing!
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Do you happen to have a satellite TV receiver connected to HughesNet?  


The best thing to do to figure out what's utilizing the data is to not just turn the things off, but disconnect them all together, then add them back in one by one until you find what it is that is utilizing all of the data.  

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I suspect this is one of the most dishonest companies out there.  I’ve been told I must pay a fee to stop my service even though the speeds are so awe full I cannot watch a simple video clip  or even use their search feature in their help section, when I check the Speedtest it says it’s excellent.  No way to prove how my data is being drained, even though my family was traveling not long ago they said i used all my data for the month in three days.  Was forced to keep another service provider just to keep my kids able to do their homework.  I’m at the highest subscription level paying nearly 90.00 per month and the speeds are awe full even though their testers continues to read “excellent”.  They should be reported to the better business bureau but it’s probably not worth the hassle.