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Data limits of frustrating proportions

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Data limits of frustrating proportions

I’ve had my service for several months now and honestly am at my wits end. I started with the 30 g plan, being assured that my family of four would fit this amount. We only stream tv/movies. We don’t have cable or a satellite provider. We have three cell phones and two computers. Two kids but no online gamers. I am a healthcare provider and can no longer chart or work from home and rely on my isp. I have to use my cell for a hot spot to guarantee quick and efficient information for my patients I care for. We no longer can enjoy movies or tv together. It stops every 20 seconds to 5 minutes to load. I started buying data tokens to bridge the gap, until my bill was over $400! And honestly still didn’t have quick service. I considered canceling, but the exorbant fee and lack of any other isp stopped me. So then I upgraded to 50. Still no real difference. My bill is also higher than expected. The first 2-4 days of the billing cycle give us “normal” speeds. I have had a variety of carriers over the years, including cable and satellite, and the speed at which Hughes net operates is akin to dial up. Our cell phone bills have now also skyrocketed as our dependence on them increased. When I use the connection meter, I’m always at the fastest speed. We take advantage of the bonus time, but having “normal” schedules we don’t watch too much from 2 am to 6 am. It still depletes quickly. Given our preference and bluntly, reliance on fast internet speeds in 2018, I am at a loss with what to do next. No other isp operates this way with having no unlimited option, throttling, and now hidden fees of “express repair service”. I suppose I am now being charged for this. Which is basically another extra fee to have 24/7 support....which every other isp provides for free. I called the tech support. It was not helpful and even more frustrating. Internet service shouldn’t be so complicated. It should, and normally has in my experience, have a flat rate for quality, fast service. A higher rate for lightning fast speeds. It shouldn’t cost so much, at ever increasing rates, for a necessity. When signing up I had no idea how much our family would need. I’ve been told that the amount we have should give us fast, reliable service but the fact remains that it just isn’t. Th plans are confusing when signing up so you rely on the sales pitch. You rely on tech support to ensure uninterrupted quality service. I’m now locked in for two years for the worst internet I’ve ever had and can’t help but feeling as though I’m being taken advantage of. I’m willing to pay $100-$150 a month for fast internet where I live, which is somewhat rural but quite close enough to the city for reliable service. My family and friends pay $50 for lightning fast internet just a mile down the road. It just doesn’t make sense.
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Please see my reply to your post in the MyAccount & Billing section.  




Additionally, HughesNet is satellite internet.  It has a much more restricted throughput than ground based services.  It is the most expensive form of internet, per capita, to provide.  It's also the most complicated.  HughesNet simply cannot offer unlimited plans, as the infrastructure in place won't support them.


It is not designed to, nor can it, compete with ground based services.  It is a niche service.  HughesNet provides internet service where others can't or won't, but that doesn't mean that the services are comparable, and they can't be, as explained.  Think a 20 lane, divided, autobahn type highway vs a two lane country road.  


Lastly, you can cancel Express Repair.  


One should always research a product or service before purchase in order to make sure it is going to fit his or her needs.  

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Hello Adalhover, please refer to my response on your other thread.


Thank you~!