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Data loss when equipment is broke

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Data loss when equipment is broke

How is it possible to use all of your data in a few days when router was broke and all of equipment unplugged til new router installed?  I checked data usage from my HughesNet app on my phone and data was on 0 and had 27 days til upgrade!!! Nobody at HughesNet could explain that but I can....they're ripping us all off and taking our data away themselves and making us pay extra for add one or tokens!!!  We have no other option than HughesNet for our internet because we live to far in country so we're screwed!!  Someone somewhere that's a somebody should stop them from overcharging and stealing from us all!!

Distinguished Professor IV

They're neither overcharging you or ripping you off.  A rep on this site can check your account and see what's going on and fix it if there is really a problem.   Relax and wait until some checks into the issue and gets back to you. 

Distinguished Professor IV



No one is ripping you off, nor stealing your data.


Your data levels, including any usage and monthly data resets, are dependant on the HughesNet modem being plugged in and operational.  Whatever your data levels are when the modem is unplugged will perpetually show until it's plugged back in and reconnects to the server.  If your service plan data remaining was zero when it was unplugged, that's what it will continue to show until the modem is plugged in and reconnects to the server, no matter how long that is.


When the new HughesNet modem is connected, plugged in and connects to the server, your data levels will update, including any monthly data reset(s) that occurred while there was no functional modem.


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