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Data starting point on usage chart lower than plan allowance

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Data starting point on usage chart lower than plan allowance

We are on the 50 Gb data plan, and we usually stay below that. This month we are out of data very early, and obviously have to figure out what is using that data. But looking at the usage graphs on my account, I noticed the starting point on this month's graph says 33.8 Gb, while the previous month is 49.7. Is this normal or a problem? Screenshot:



Thank you for reaching out! I was able to look into your account to make sure everything looked okay, and it seems that everything on our end looks alright. 50GB were consumed before 9/22, when the account exhausted it's monthly allotment. It appears that about 16.2GB were used on the 16th, so it seems the data meter refreshes after the first full day of usage.




Thanks for looking into it. The graph starting at what appeared to be a lower point just seemed weird to me. My mind is blown as to how we could use that much data in one day. Only one person was home that day, and she was not streaming movies, etc. She works from home and uses a cellular hotspot for that since the satellite latency doesn't do well with her work. The next day was even worse - 22 Gb used. Normally we might reach a total of 35 Gb for an entire month. Something we'll definitely have to investigate if it continues.
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"The next day was even worse - 22 Gb used. "


Was this use in one day?  You may want to consider installing the free network monitor Glasswire on any compatible device.

I have Glasswire already installed on our PC and laptop, but that doesn't help with all the other devices on the network, right? Although I see a premium feature on the network tab that says "buy Glasswire to get alerted when new devices join your network and device details". I'm assuming those details won't include actual data usage? But... the mystery is solved. My daughter (the one who is WFH) has a Firestick. She has it connected to her hotspot, but apparently it was also connected to our wifi at one time, so the SSID for our network was considered a back up on the Firestick. If the Firestick decides a connection is lacking, it will switch itself to the backup. And that's what happened, so those 2 days it was running 4K video streaming. She has removed our SSID from it now, so the problem shouldn't happen again. That said, has anyone heard of a wifi router that will show connected device data usage? I would love to find one that had that capability.
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Glasswire will only report usage from the devices it's installed in. There are routers that monitor overall network usage and this is something you may consider getting.  I don't know of a specific one, but someone else might. 


Glad you figured out where the data drain came from.