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Data usage report.

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Data usage report.

After data completion test modem is running out data within a few hours.  I went from 99% in the morning to 54% by noon. I was not using any of my devices. After two calls to Hughes and performing different task the problem was still not resolved. I turned all my devices off except the TV and data was used overnight. Spoke with Hughes this morning and they are trying to figure out the problem. Has anyone else had these issues?

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Do you have a satellite TV receiver connected to your Hughesnet service?  If so, disconnect that.  


"After data completion test..."  What are you referring to with the data completion test?  A modem isolation test (disconnecting the LAN cable and turning off the WiFi for a while)?  If so, what did it show?  Do you have the screenshots?  


Can you list your devices you use with HughesNet?  Keep in mind, when some things are off they aren't really off, but in standby, and still connected.  


Actually, this is a common issue, but it's always something legitimately using the data. Trying to figure out which device(s) is using the data is the trick.

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