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Day 1 and buffering will not stop - need help canceling service

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Day 1 and buffering will not stop - need help canceling service

When I spoke with a sales rep to sign up for service I explained that two people live in the home and we both use our devices a lot.  I work from home all day, plus we don't have cable or satellite tv - we use only streaming services such as YoutubeTV, Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon Prime, etc...  She assured me that their service would be adequate and a 20 gig plan should work fine.


The technician installed the equipment today.  The very first time I tried watching tv it began to buffer almost immediately.  I called customer service and they said to turn on the Video Data Saver feature and to adjust my apps to 480 resolution.  He said that's the only way the service will work for me and the only way I can stay under my service plan limit each month.  After our call I discovered my tv and apps don't even have an option for 480 resolution.  The lowest resolution option is 780.  After turning on the video data saver option, there was still no change.  I called back.  The rep actually told me the sales people are dishonest and will say anything to get people to purchase service.  He literally said "well of course the sales people are going to say the service works well because they want you to sign up".  He also said there's nothing else he can do on his end and that the service is just crappy.  I told him I need to cancel because this obviously isn't going to meet my needs.  He transferred me to a rep to cancel.  I began telling her my situation and she hung up on me.  I called back and talked to another rep.  The connection was HORRIBLE and I could barely catch what she was saying. I asked numerous times to be transferred to another rep in hopes of getting better call quality/clarity.  She hung up on me.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can cancel this service?  I feel I am totally justified to cancel without an early termination penalty, and to get a refund on the equipment I purchased...but how can this be accomplished when I can't even get a representative to take my call??


HUGELY disappointed and beyond frustrated.  It would be so nice to do business with a company that actually upholds some decent ethical standards, but that seems to be more and more of a dream these days than a reality. Seriously considering taking legal action.

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Re: Day 1 and buffering will not stop - need help canceling service

Cancellation can only be done by phone, 866-347-3292.  You will need to work with the techs here to try to improve your system. Without that, the ETF will be valid.  If you work with them and they can't fix your system, they will work with you on the ETF. 


In any case, wait until the reps here reply to your post. They may have other suggestions/ideas.  They typically answer within 48 hours. 



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Re: Day 1 and buffering will not stop - need help canceling service



You can request a sales call review.  Depending on what's heard in the call, as in whether the rep set appropriate expectations, you may have recourse.  A sales call review can take up to a week to complete, but it may very well be worth your while to request it.   


You can request the review in a reply.

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