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Dead modem

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Dead modem

The top light and the Two bottom lights only. The 3 other lights do not come on at all. Have unplugged modem multiple times, pushed reset button. Nothing. Windows task bar menu, top right says no internet. I go to the modem page and no listings show up. Have rebooted everything multiple times. No help. I need the modem replaced or you can send a tech out here asap. I want credit for all hours I am without serbice
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Please don't perform a reset unless instructed to by a HughesNet rep, and then only in the manner they instruct, as resetting the modem incorrectly or under the wrong circumstances can cause more harm than good.  This is why the reset button is "hidden".  


Though it's possible that bad weather at your gateway is the cause, it's unlikely if the outage is lasting for longer than a few minutes.  


If you can, with a device that is preferably connected to the HughesNet modem via LAN cable, open a browser page and enter or into the address bar, then hit Enter.  In the System Control Center click System Status at the top of the page.  On the System Status page...


1.  What is the State Code showing in the System Summary box near the top.  It will be in the form of 0.0.0. 


2.  In the WAN Info box on the bottom left, what is showing for the Satellite Receive Signal Strength?

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