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Don't know what's going on with my Internet.

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Don't know what's going on with my Internet.

I am having trouble with my Internet. Again, actually. 

For the past few days, I have been having to restart my modem (HN9000) daily to get any internet. 

Unplugging it for a few minutes will solve things for a few hours. 

Unplugging all wires from the modem and router for a few minutes solves things a little longer. 


But then things just.. Stops. I can still see my Status Meter showing green as long as I'm connected to my router. Everything (from what I can tell) seems fine in my System Control Center. But nothing loads on my laptop, phone, or tablet.

If I switch on my Mobile Hotspot on my phone, I can use my devices. So that's not the issue.


Back in January I believe, a technician came out and re-ran some wiring that was badly installed. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Just trying to cover all areas to rule things out.


On my phone and tablet's Wifi icons, The "out" arrow seems strong, but the "in" arrow is weak to non-existant. 


On my modem, LAN, Transmit, System, and Power are lit up. Receive blinks or stays blank. 


There hasn't really been any bad weather since this started. So I don't think that's the cause. 


Does anyone have any ideas to what could be going on?  

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Have you considered upgrading to Gen5 service yet?  The HN9000 platform is rather old and dated at this point, and the satellite is nearing EOL.

Yes, I have been considering it. I'm just really not sure about going from a daily allowance to a monthly allowance. 


Plus the technician that came out was really pushing for me to upgrade to Gen4, and he said it was either $300 or $400 up front to upgrade with a rebate offer after. So if Gen5 is similar, even with a rebate offer, upgrading right now is a little difficult. 

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I can't really comment on the whole cost to install...  If you are going the purchase route, yeah, it's going to get very expensive.

I do miss the daily allowance at times, but with operating system updates being so large anymore, daily kind of doesn't work out so well for me.  It does suck being on a monthly allowance if you run out, but right now, the minimum speeds on a Gen5 system, are similar to the legacy HN9000 service plans top speeds (being about 2Mbps).

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If you call and ask you might find that they have a decent upgrade offer available to you.  


If purchasing, like Corrosive mentioned, it can get a bit pricey, but with leasing it can be quite low.  


As for the daily refill vs monthly refill, I was concerned with that, as well, especially considering that my legacy plan had the free download zone.  At full speed, including the download zone, I could achieve about 85GB in a month, whereas the Gen4 plan I was considering included 65GB.  But, that 85GB was if I maxed out my daily allowance every single day, then downloaded for the full five hours during the download zone every single night.  I never did that, of course.  I've since upgraded to Gen5.  

After upgrading I realized that my fears were way off.  That's just me, but I think most people who have a little trepidation about upgrading find the same thing once they do.  



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"As for the daily refill vs monthly refill, I was concerned with that, as well, especially considering that my legacy plan had the free download zone. "


I had concerns too back when I was considering upgrading to Gen 4. I thought it was better to have something that refilled every day. I finally went to Gen 4 anyway, and found all I needed to do was budget. I devided the monthly allowance into 31 days, and using the meter made sure the household never went above the daily allowance.  It worked just fine and now it's second nature.  And the speeds and general quality were better too, so I never regretted going to the monthly allowance.  I think having these fears is perfectly normal, but unwarranted.

Is there no "download zone" between 2 am and 7 am with an upgrade? 


But an upgrade is really not a priority if it can be avoided at the moment. 


I am still having to unplug all wires for a while every night. 

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"Is there no "download zone" between 2 am and 7 am with an upgrade? "


You get 50GB of data per month to be used between the hours of 2 and 8 am.