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Downloads stopped working or really slow

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Downloads stopped working or really slow

My downloads stopped completely working. I have plenty of data and when I try to download something it stops completely. My bonus time I'm lucky if I can get 4 to 5 gigs downloaded, **bleep**!!! Had a tech come out found nothing wrong, wasted $ on that. shows no issue at all, it's slow but it's downloading something. Anyone have suggestions? I'm trying to download on my xbox one during anytime and bonus time and it doesn't work. It used to work just fine any part of the day with no issues, but right around November of last year it all went to crap. I've tried everything I can think of the only real issues are trying to download for my xbox one. Anything else I download works for the most part. My upload speed is 3xs faster than my download speed which is almost nothing... less than 1mbps. I can download updates for my phone with no issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Is it game downloads/updates that you're trying to perform?  If so, it's possible that what's happening right now is the downloads/updates are getting caught up in the current prioritization policy and testing out so slow that Microsoft is terminating the download before it even really begins.  However, the prioritization policy has only been in effect since March, which wouldn't explain why it was happening prior to that, though Microsoft is quite often "touchy" when it comes to downloads via HughesNet.  It may not get along with the high latency very well.  


Is it via the XBox that you're seeing your upload speed as three times faster than your download speed?  If not, via what application or test are you seeing this?


It's likely that the reps will need some speed tests run at as a part of the troubleshooting, so the instructions for those tests are here.  Please be sure to read through them thoroughly before running the tests, and then post the "My Results" page URL after some have been run so that the results can be viewed.  Also, only run the speed tests if you have HughesNet data.  Speed tests run while out of data and throttled won't be of value for troubleshooting this issue.

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