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Email account problem

3 days ago my email stopped downloading from  Hughes. This has happened before but usually it comes back up after a few hours. I am using Apple Mail Ver.13.4. There is no error message on Mail and I am receiveing gmail just fine. I can also view my hughes mail on the hughesnet site, it just doesn't forward to Mail. Any clues as to what might have changed?

Distinguished Professor IV

Did you check your Webmail account to make sure it's still set to forward? 

I wouldnt even know where to look. I'll search around when I get home from work and check.

Distinguished Professor IV



From the Community page, click on My Email (at the top) and login.

Once you're in Webmail, click the Settings gear (top right).

Click Accounts (on the left).

Select your account.

Check under "Access your mail elsewhere" and see if the email you forward to is there.

Click on the options you want to enable:

Forward: Your email is forwarded to the specified address, so you can check it there.
Keep a copy here.

If the email address you're forwarding to is not there, add it. If it is but forwarding is not working, post back to let the mods know.

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