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Email down.

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Email down.

My email is down. I tried to directly check it at the myhughes account webpage but it just cycles to the home page whenever I click on the My Email tab. Any ideas? Have gone thru 3 chats and when they hear "email problem" they mysteriously disconnect! Have also sent 2 emails with no response. I don't expect much from this message either but at least it gives me something to do! 🙂




Thank you for reaching out again. There are no current reports of the email section being down. I will look into this to see if this is a new problem. In the meantime I would just clear your cache and cookies for whatever browser you are using. Also if you can, please test to see if it affects all browsers or just one. -Damian 

Thank you for chatting with HughesNet agent today.

3:24:23 PM James Phillips> Email down?
3:24:29 PM Agent 4783587 joined chat.
3:25:01 PM Thank you for contacting HughesNet! My name is Samara Espinosa, how can I assist you today?
3:25:30 PM James Phillips> Haven't been able to log-in to email for about a week. Any ideas?
3:26:19 PM Hello Mr. Phillips, you cannot properly access to your email?
3:26:27 PM James Phillips> correct.
3:27:25 PM Let me assist you with that, to access to your account and verify the issue, your SAN is DSS202256206, is it correct?
3:27:39 PM James Phillips> correct
3:28:47 PM Thank you, just to verify the account, could you please confirm to me the physical address? 3:29:04 PM James Phillips> 40100 Faure Rd. hemet CA
3:30:22 PM Thank you for confirming, let me access to the account right away to check up the problem




Thank you for chatting with HughesNet agent today.

4:50:17 PM James Phillips> Email is down. Tried to log-in at myhughesnet and not accepting username or password.

4:50:22 PM
4:51:21 PM
4:51:24 PM
4:52:24 PM
4:52:38 PM
Rd. Hemet CA, Name: James Phillips
4:52:57 PM Agent 2717553 joined chat.
4:54:02 PM Hello, thank you for contacting HughesNet Chat Support. My name is Kayana Bowman. I will be more than happy to assist you today.

4:54:30 PM I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to sign into your email account however I will be more than happy to assist you today.
4:54:39 PM I would only need to ask a few questions to better assist you, is that okay?
4:54:45 PM James Phillips> Yep

4:55:48 PM Can you please verify your name and telephone number that is associate with the account? 4:56:07 PM James Phillips> James Phillips 951-551-9480
4:57:54 PM Thank you. Please allow me a moment to pull up the account.
4:59:20 PM I have the account information up and it is showing here that you have recently started servicewith HughesNet. Just want to thank you for choosing Hughesnet as your service provider, we really appreciate you here.

4:59:30 PM James Phillips> Thanks
5:00:23 PM You're welcome.
5:01:24 PM What is the username are you using to sign into the account online?
5:01:36 PM James Phillips> jimjumper
5:02:40 PM It is showing here that your username is jimjumper83.
5:03:01 PM James Phillips> That is a gmail account. I also have a hughes account
5:04:34 PM Your Hughes online account username is jimjumper83. Can you try signing in with that username and let me know what is happening.
5:06:38 PM James Phillips> OK
5:07:14 PM Thank you.
5:09:30 PM James Phillips> At the my hughes webpage I am logged in under the I logged out and tried to sign in using the account and it says "the information is not correct"
5:11:02 PM That is because there is no account with the username
5:11:54 PM James Phillips> Umm, I got mail from that account 6 days ago and have over 15,000 emails from the last 20 years saved here.





You missed the part where I tried to log in directly at the myhughes website without using my mail system. I CANT LOG_IN!



After researching it appears your other Hughes email ( were associated with a different account that has been canceled. That Hughes email address along with using your Gmail account as a log in token both appear to have finally expired. Your current account would need a new email address set up. As far as why the email section is not loading, I am not sure as there are no website issues being reported.  I would try going to the email section logged in to the account you are using right now. - Damian  

Of course the old account was cancelled! You guys recommended that I switch to Gen5 service after 15+ years of Gen4. But that should not have cancelled the e-mail account, that should have been switched or at least an email sent telling the me (the owner) that it was going to be cancelled. I am getting all 3 of my gmail accounts without problem thru the Hughes server but the Hughes account obviously wasn't switched when you guys installed the Gen5 server. Here is a screen shot of the old account. Is it possible to have it installed on the Gen5 server under my account and I'll just put up the missing 6 days of emails?


Use any password you want. I'll change it later. By the way, the change in service was back in December, why would it take so long to cancel? If it was done at the time of service I could have gotten it corrected then rather than out of the blue. And why do your chat techs keep disconnecting? I only posted transcripts of 2 out of the 4 chats that I initiated.



You didn't just upgrade to Gen 5, you canceled the old account and had the Gen 5 upgrade installed on a completely different account. If it was a simple upgrade on the old account, the email associated would have stayed active. We do not transfer email addresses between two completely different accounts. There is no system in place for that. Normally, the email is canceled along with the service without much of a delay. My assumption is that it stayed active during the cancellation grace period. This is a grace period we give every account so they can re-initiate service if the customer changes their mind. Some can be longer than others, but almost all accounts get one. This is automatic and is not circumstantial unless an immediate shut down was specifically requested. This has to be specifically requested during the cancelation call as a normal cancelation does not fall under it. I understand having this said to you earlier would have helped. My guess is that the rep may have perceived this as assumed knowledge. I do apologize for the inconvenience.    -Damian  




As far as the live chat disconnecting, this can be caused by many different things. If you would like to start troubleshooting your service, we can explore what may be causing these disconnects. -Damian 

Follow-up on original post. Hughes still unable/unwilling to answer why usernames aren't re-usable after cancellation.
So, I attempted to create a new email account. Simple right? After creating a secondary account with the username jimjumper2 I attempted to create the email account. The on-line instruction didn't match what the screen I was seeing so back to tech support! I have spoken to 3 different techs and each is convinced that there should be a "checkbox" after logging in to the account that says " email created". Trust me it isn't there!!!! One tech even logged into the account herself and was flummoxed when she couldn't see it! It has now been escalated higher and assigned Case#151639097. They said to contact them in 48 hours and they might know something. Not getting my hopes up....



Correspondence for your escalated case will not be handled through here. Additional troubleshooting can be handled here after the conclusion of your escalated case, if needed. I do hope a resolution is able to be met -Damian 

NO! You guys are being obtuse! The old account has been deleted, gone, never more! I agree!!!

Why is the name unavailable to use for a NEW!! account? Notice, "New" account!!