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Emails won't send

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Emails won't send

I've tried to send some emails today. I keep getting error in Microsoft Outlook. This just started today. I can receive emails but can't send. I have checked my UN/PW and nothing has/was changed.


Please fix this cause HughesNet is the only ISP I have due to living in a very rural mountains area.




Thank you for posting and I am sorry to hear this. This issue can be due to many different things and in order to determine which it is, I will need to ask a couple questions.


1. Have you tried sending emails with different clients directly from google, yahoo, and etc ?


2. Are you experiencing any other internet issue affecting connection or speed? -Damian 

1. Yes, was able to send from my hotmail acct to my hughes acct

2. Not noticing any other issues.

3. So sending anything from HughesNet is a No.






In that case it appears it could be a server issue on our end. Can you post a screenshot of the error you are getting or post what it is saying in the error message? I will look into this to see if this is apart of the ongoing intermittent email issue. In the meantime I would recommend using another email provider to send emails for now. I will come back with an update on what I was able to determine. -Damian 

It's Authentication error. I just tried to send email again and it went through. So maybe it fixed itself.




New Poster

Now, trying to send something else from my mobile to my pc, I get the following:


Couldn't authenicate account

The password or authentication method may be incorrect. Check your outgoing server settings, then try again.


port 465

authentication to send emails: checked






Your settings are correct and this does appear to be apart of the ongoing email server issue. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix available at this time. Our engineers have been working on this for a long while and I am hoping they are finally approaching a point where this issue won't be experienced anymore. This will not last forever and your emails will begin sending as normal soon. I have not seen it last for more than a week so far. Until this is actually fixed, I recommend using another email address.  -Damian 

Okay. Thanks.



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