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Erratic video speeds

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Erratic video speeds

My playback speeds are very inconsistent and most of the time are unable to play smoothly if at all. It is unwatchable when it behaves like this. However id say about 25% of the time it is able to play smoothly and i can find no reason for such a performance difference. I thought it would sort itself out but its been at least a month and its getting old. Had an issue a week or so ago which left me with no service and after tech support got my service running again the same issue was present.

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Re: Erratic video speeds



Are you streaming on a device or on your TV through a satellite TV receiver?  


You might try turning off the Video Data Saver, or pausing it, to see if that makes any difference.  You can do so through the Hughesnet Usage Meter or by signing in to the Hughesnt myAccount site (the adjustment is under the Settings tab).  The Video Data Saver is designed to throttle your speed while streaming to save data, and it normally throttles it to a point that streaming services that can automatically adjust will stream in SD.  If they cannot automatically adjust and/or you are deliberately trying to stream in HD, the Video Data Saver can cause buffering issues.  


Also make sure that nothing else is sapping your bandwidth while you are tyring to stream (like another device updating or using the cloud).  


Also, if you can, try a direct LAN cable connection if you are streaming via WiFi to see if that makes any difference.  


If this does not help, how are your speeds otherwise?  If you run a download speed test at using the 25MB manual download test size what speed are you seeing?  It would be a good idea for you to create an account at (if you don't already have one) before you run the test as if it is a speed issue the reps may need to view your speed tests, which will not be saved if they aren't run while signed into an account. 

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Re: Erratic video speeds

I find there's a big difference between streaming from Netflix (works fine), Amazon Prime (works fine), YouTube (works fine), and NBC or CBS or CNN (pixelated stuff, drops the stream, etc.In short: a dud).  I kinda blame it on those networks, on whatever their system of streaming is.   Turning off the VDS didn't make a difference at all. Maybe they can't tolerate the latency? I've tested with a cable connection and there are no issues.


ETA: I'm streaming via a laptop.

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Re: Erratic video speeds

I'm using a desktop connected directly with a cable. Ill try the video saver idea, my dl speed with that test was 41.3 Mbps. Everything is working very well right now if it slows up again ill run another test.