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Everything is broken

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Everything is broken

I've had dial-up. I've been to Baghdad. This is by far the worst service I have ever experienced in all my years on this Earth. (Figured nothing would be worse than satellite internet in Baghdad in the mid-2000's.)


I read through threads of customers complaining about not being able to watch Netflix. Hahaha! I can't open an email. 


I waited until the next billing cycle so everything would be zeroed out (even though I was even halfway through my allotment for the month), and here we are: 0 gb used for both plan and bonus zone ... still nothing works. 


Starcraft. I read another member being able to play Blizzard's Starcraft. I had to switch to my mobile data to just read that thread about playing games through Hughes. 


I'm only three months into a contract. This is absurd. It's been like this for a week. 


Can I get off this boat? They probably have better internet on a boat en route to Antarctica from a Mint Mobile flip phone on the 15$ a year plan or whatever Ryan Reynolds is offering these days. 

Distinguished Professor IV

"Can I get off this boat?"


Of course. You can cancel your account at any time, keeping in mind you will need to pay an early termination fee.  Cancellation can only be done by phone, 866-347-3292.  


If you're willing to work with the reps here to improve your experience or fix problems, then you may want to give more information about what your technical issue is, and provide details and context as to what exactly is happening ("Everything is broken" is not really helpful here) and when it happens, what you are trying to do when it happens, your device configuration, type, operating system, any errors displayed on the modem's internal page, etc. 


If you are referring to low speeds, you will need to follow the required troubleshooting protocol before the reps on the site can get involved. 


You may also want to read the legally binding subscriber agreement, especially the service disclaimers.