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Extended holidays and avoidance tactics.

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Extended holidays and avoidance tactics.

Whats up with the consumer avoidance department? Not that I would want to inconvenience any of these lounge lizards supposedly employed by HughesNet but I am still seeking the status of my specific case, dating back to July of 2016!!! Back to calling tech support it appears this crop of revered “reps” have gone off the clock or extended their Christmas holiday.  
Honorary Alumnus

You portray yourself as a business man but persist in addressing everyone in a less than civil manner.

Common sense would dictate that type of behavior will send you back to the end of queue.

I'm surprised that Hughes hasn't just written you off and pulled the plug on your service.

Basically "ya can't please'em all".

Assistant Professor

Throwing slurs at the very people you're trying to receive help from seems a bit counterintuitive to me.
Associate Professor

Sorry that you don't like it, but corporate employees tend to, ya know, get holidays off, along with most government employees, banks, and most all high paid jobs.

Don't like it? Write to your congressman to pass and enforce new labor laws.
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I question why Mr. Hobbs made yet another topic  asking for an update.

6 days ago Amanda replied:

Amanda, Official Rep                        

Hi mdhobbs,

I replied to your other post with the same complaint, but I will explain more here.

In my post above I explained that in it is my personal recommendation that you need not contact phone support for the same issue you have reported here (slow speeds w/Chris).

The above error in your post is not related to your slow speeds case.

It is clear you are not happy with our service and support, though I am unfamiliar with your case with Chris, I'd like to offer you the ability to cancel your account with no termination fee (if there is one) and you need not return your HughesNet equipment. 


Mr. Hobbs response was:


Thank you for the offer. I will address same with counsel on 12/27/2016 and respond. I am assuming from your offer that access to the other satellite is to be delayed beyond the time frame already suggested?

Those replies were taken from the OP's core thread:

It seems pretty straight forward really. Hughes offered Mr. Hobbs the opportunity to walk away. Mr Hobbs replies with a threat of some type of legal action. To me, that is a "clock stopper" .....

That is to say: Bring your legal action or complaint on, in any way you choose, and it will be responded to in a manner required by law.


Hi Michael,

Yes we were off last Friday and yesterday. Sorry if we were unable to respond. As far as the status of the service goes, we exhausted all avenues that we could, and you are still not satisfied. The continued posting is not going to change that fact. Me and Amanda have offered you the ability to end your service with no fees and she even added no equipment needing to be returned. It is ultimately up to you what you would like to do. Outside of that I do not know what else we can do for you.

- Chris