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Extremely slow connection

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Extremely slow connection

We had service installed on Friday, 12-29. Immediately after installation speed was 2.76 mbps. One hour later was 0.47 mbps. Called Customer service. Scheduled visit for Jan 2. Nobody showed on 1-2. Called and said it was scheduled for 1-3. Waited over 30 mins each time I called customer service. Their connection was so bad one time the couldnt hear me. I know because I tried from a landline the 2nd time.

Tech who installed called me today and said he would run some tests on equipment, but if there were no issues then there was nothing else he could do. Really?? I am paing $50 a month for speeds of 0.47???? I'd do better with dial up.




esbohannon, when Gen5 customers first came on line in April, speeds were incredible, often over 50 Mbps. However, evidence is mounting that HughesNet has radically oversold Gen5 so that the system is now overloaded way beyond its design capacity, with evening speeds around the dial-up level. Personally I am skeptical that any technical solution exists. But we must all complain together  — and stay on it — until enough time has passed to determine whether HughesNet actually can service the customers they've sold with their promise of providing true broadband. If HughesNet cannot provide true broadband to their customers, then non-technical remedies will be needed. Those remedies cannot be discussed here because forum rules forbid it.



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I am having the same issue! Very slow speeds. Unacceptable!!

same problem got hughesnet about a week ago installer tested my speed and they were 1.0mbs he told me to call tech support. I asked him

could they speed it up he said they got the ability to trottle it after you use your data dont they. I said yes. I called severat times and havent been resolved yet. I only get we will have to let one of our engineers look at it. Im a new customer thats very disappointed. I will keep calling


Just incredible. HughesNet is continuing to sell to new customers who are getting speed of less than 1 Mpbs right from the start.


Middles, keep complaining.


I know Gen5 is capable of good service, I too got Gen5 in the beginning and the speeds were great. Gradually it got worse until now where I'm running in Kbps speeds continuously. The gradual decrease in service sure does back up the theory of reaching overcapacity over time.

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Same here.  We have been seeing .5mb the last couple of days, and we were affected by the outage that occurred a couple days ago.  Been on HN just short of a month, now I know why they don’t offer a trial period where you can cancel service.  


The DSL I was hoping to replace has been better and more reliable than this so far at a third the price.  The DSL provider at least admitted they oversold the line, without using those exact words.  

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