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Extremely slow web page load times

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Extremely slow web page load times

I have been using HN for a little over a month.  Since the beginning, web page load times take from 30 seconds, to over 2 minutes, sometimes completely stalled.   I have seen posts about this, but found no solution.  Anyone help?

Have Gen5 with HT2000W "modem".  Same issue with several computers and browsers.   Download speeds tested by HN are usually 20 to 40 Mbps, uploads usually 1.5 or more.

Have reset the HT2000, flushed DNS, and turned off web accel to no avail.  HN support says my down/up speeds are fine and totally ignores my question about excessive page load times.  No help there....

I understand the 600-700 ms latency, but that cannot account for this issue.  This is very frustrating, especially since my previous 3G connection (1.5 down / 0.5 up) would load pages orders of magnitude faster than HN.   Sure could use more suggestions.   HELP  !!

Thanks, Woody - KZ4AK