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Extremely slow web page loading and downloads.

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Extremely slow web page loading and downloads.

Our Hughesnet connection is currently worse than dial-up. Right now I'm downloading MacAfee at 4.2kB/sec. If I click on Yahoo it takes the page a good 20 seconds to load. When I run the Hughesnet performance test I'm getting 11MB/sec but the stark reality is that I haven't achieved much over 1MB/sec over the last 3 days. Its almost like we're on the FAP program though we have 66% of our allowance remaining. Everything is green on the dashboard but we get periodic yellows on "Satellite receive status" and have to reset the modem to cure this.

Calls to customer service involve the same elementary troubleshooting that resolves nothing. The usual implication is that the server we're reaching must be busy so to test this I downloaded the same 56MB file on my phone and at 2bars of 4G it absolutely smoked Hughesnet. My phone had downloaded the file before Hughesnet had even loaded the webpage to the point where I could click "download".

What do I need to do to get some type of assistance as resetting the modem a thousand times per tech support isn't going to fix the problem. Not every server on the planet is coincidentally busy when I try to download "stuff" from it. I understand at peak times things slow down but 4 KB/sec? A 7MEG file has taken an hour and it's still not done!