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FAP Speed Unusually Slow

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FAP Speed Unusually Slow

I’ve been a HN member for 4 years. I’m use to being in FAP. In the past the terrible connection may last for a couple of days but soon resolves itself to an acceptable level, but for the past several week the internet has been extremely slow with the exception of a new monthly token plan, then back to throttle and unacceptable slower speeds.


I have tested the network per instructions, using, ethernet only and removing wifi devices on the router, though there is not much difference between ethernet or wifi method.


Look forward to reply. Is this what I can expect with FAP from now on?


Test with ethernet only as stated above.




Thanks for reaching out! We'd love to look into this and see if we can locate the issue. We were unable to find the account attached to your Community profile, so please send a phone number connected to your account or an account number to the link provided below!




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PM sent, Remy.


Update: I got some courtesy tokens and told there was a problem in my area and to wait 30 days for repairs/changes.


My internet speed now are down in the low 100s kbs. Just getting on this post is a struggle. .


How are problems in my area affecting FAP speeds, but when I purchase tokens I get up to 25Mbs?


Where are my 1 - 3MBs speeds under Fap?

Good morning compudoor,


Thanks for asking. The thing with reduced speeds under the Fair Access Policy is that it's such a small range to target (1-3 Mbps) and speeds can normally fluctuate by up to several Mbps, e.g. from 25+ to 30+ Mbps. With engineering actively working to improve service in your area, those fluctuations may be more frequent. 


Glad you received the courtesy tokens to get out of the Fair Access Policy, as that certainly is a way to have speeds restored.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

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Thank you for your reply.