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False promises of download speed

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False promises of download speed

I was promised speeds up to 10x faster than DSL. I wasn't told you can't do school work, watch videos, or even netflix without it loading every 3 seconds. I have screenshot after screenshot where the download speed is below 1Mbps every evening after 5pm when I pay for 10Mbps. I believe I am owed a cancellation of the contract with no fees or a deeply discounted monthly charge, per FCC regulations.

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Modem specs:
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There is a certain protocol that must be followed when running speed tests at

These are the steps to follow...

Create an account at  While signed into that account, and with a single device connected directly to the modem with a LAN cable (NO ROUTER), run a batch of three to five download speed tests using the manual 12MB test size, spacing the tests at least five minutes apart.  It's best to run a batch of tests a few times throughout the day, if possible.  Preferably morning, afternoon and evening, again, if possible.  Once you've run a few batches of tests, please click on the Results tab, copy the URL in the Results page address bar, and paste it into a post on here.  It will look similar to the following, but with your user name where it says [yourusername]...[yourusername]

This URL will allow all of your test results to be seen in a single location.  

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