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Fed up with unreliable service!

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Fed up with unreliable service!

I am sick and tired of our internet service being so unreliable!  I work from home and need a reliable connection.  Considering I have over 80% of my data left for the month and it's a clear, sunny day I just can't understand why I am getting disconnected repeatedly.  It's ridiculous that I'm paying over $60 a month for such poor service.  If I could get any other internet at my house I would drop Hughes Net immediately.  Overpriced and unreliable!
New Member

No one can help you if you don't give us something to work with. What do you mean "getting disconnected repeatedly"? Is the modem shutting down or are you having other issues? What do you have connected to your network? Router? Other devices? Have you tried connecting your computer directly to the modem to see if that solves the problem? Then we can start looking at other reasons this might be happening.

Post the serial number from your modem so the Official reps can find your account and run some remote diags.
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Hi Jessica, I am just a customer like you and do use the same service for my job as a remote data and system application support for a large computer manufacturer.. Unfortunately being in a rural area, the Internet service is not abundant. I am facing the same issues off and on but have found it is not usually the service. My issues is mainly running out of bandwidth and having to pay as I go to finish out my month of service.. It gets quite expensive for me.  Truth is-- Hughes-net either provides the service or the other options you have involve other providers  that buy the internet service from Hughes-net and re-sell it to you. To tell the truth,  the annoying disconnect issue is most likely the router and/or Modem having connection issues. First check all power and Internet service line connections wiggle/tighten where necessary. Next,   try logging out of your computer and unplugging the Router, and unplugging the modem. Let all die down and begin in this order to re-establish by Plugging back in the modem power first and let it completely restart (usually about 2 minutes or so). Next plug back in the Router power line and let it re-establish a connection (about 30 - 60 seconds). Lastly re-start your computer....  Now your connection should be stable.

Hello Jessica,

Welcome to the community! We appreciate you taking the time to post your concerns. We'd love to help you resolve this, but we need a bit more information to go off on. When did you start experiencing this? Does it disconnect all throughout the day, or maybe only certain times? Have you tried performing a power cycle of the modem when this happens. Also, are you using a router?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,
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