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Gen 5 is at a crawl

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Gen 5 is at a crawl

2FBB7445-57AF-4B47-8C6B-18248013EB78.jpegwhat is up with this?  No where near 25!

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Yours are way better than mine!  I called 2 weeks ago to complain, was on the phone for 1.5 hrs, told "my case would be sent to advanced tech support and you will get an answer within 5 days". Well, guess has been 14 days with no contact and my service has only gotten worse.  I am considering filing a complaint with the Better Businesses Bureau.   Hughesnet is really bad internet service and worse customer service.  When I call back, I am told the wait time is in excess of 15 minutes!

AND.....I have tries to post this 5 times and get an error message every time.  Who knows if it will ever post.