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Gen 5 router connection limit ?

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Gen 5 router connection limit ?

I'm a long time hughes customer and just went to Gen 5.  Modem/router - Hughes HT2000W.  Wireless connection works fine for two win10 computers and two android phones.  However, my HP Officejet Pro 8500A will not connect.  It see's the router, but will not connect either with using the password or pressing the WPS switch on the Huges Modem/router.


My question - is there a limit to the number of wireless devices that can connect to the Hughes HT2000W ?



Associate Professor

There isn't a limit unless you reach the end of your DHCP pool (about 250 devices).  It's possible your printer doesn't like the encryption type that the HT2000 uses by default.

To change from the default WPA2 AES encryption method to WPA/WPA2 TKIP+AES mode, please follow the steps below.

1: In your browser go to or
2: On the left hand side, click on "Wifi Settings"
photo FqLMvVM.jpg
3: You will be presented with a logon screen, the default password is admin


4: Select either 2.4Ghz, 2.4Ghz Guest, 5Ghz, or 5Ghz Guest, which ever network your device is trying to connect to
5: Select the WPA Mode and set to WPA/WPA2 - the Cipher Suite should change from AES to TKIP+AES
photo hPJN2W4.jpg
6: Click Save Settings
7: Try to reconnect your device using the proper password for the wifi network.
8: You may have to reconnect your other devices after making changes.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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