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Gen4 FLG gateway/beam 13 issues?

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Honorary Alumnus

Gen4 FLG gateway/beam 13 issues?

Been having issues associating with gateway the past 12 hours or so.

Some snow on the dish but sig  was about 80 or so.

Cleaned snow off, sig at 99. Did a soft reboot, system worked for a few minutes  then off again.

Any known gateway issues?



Hi Gwalk


Sorry, we somehow missed this. Yes, there was a partial degradation yesterday for FLG 13 which should have been resolved by approximately 1:45PM EST. By your post it seems you were having issues since the night before but doesn't match the time frame our operations center noted so if you experience any residual issues please let us know so we can report it.


Thank you,


Honorary Alumnus

the problem has resolved itself.


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