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Gen5 Data Allowance Status discrepancies


Gen5 Data Allowance Status discrepancies

My upgrade to Gen5 is fresh (installed about 24 hours ago), so this problem may just be an artifact of a new install, but ...


There are multiple methods to check my data allowance status: Usage Meter installed program on my desktop (v6.6.0) and the System Control Center's Usage page.  In fact the Usage Meter provides two pages with information on your data allowance status: 1) the usage meter page and 2) at the bottom of the data history page.  Of these three sources of information I'm finding that the information at the bottom of the Usage Meter's data history page is currently different from the information provided by the other two sources.  Which source is the definitive one relative to when my data allowance is going to run out?  Does the majority win? Smiley Wink 

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Re: Gen5 Data Allowance Status discrepancies

Tough question,

The modem (not its meter but the modem itself) communicates with the Gateway to tally your usage as a  .... back channel ... communitcation that is not counted against your allowance ...

That data is calculated to and is reflected by the myAccount meter ... This one:



That meter in turn then updades the SCC usage display and then the Download Status Meter display. There is a delay, that is to say that the useage meters are not 'real time' due to this collection of data and then sending the data to the respective meters.

If there was a 'horses mouth" related to the meters it would be the myAccount meter.

So in terms of "meters" there really are three of them ... with the myAccount meter being the central point that then shares its data with the other two. We also have to remember that there are two 'history' meters ... one in myAccount and another in the Download Status Meter 'history' tab.





Re: Gen5 Data Allowance Status discrepancies

Thanks Gwalk900 for shedding some light on a somewhat complicated situation. 


I think I figured out the source of my confusion in this situation.  As I noted my Gen5 install is fresh (just yesterday).  I just received a "welcome" message from HugheNet that included the following:

20 Unmetered Days
Your first 20 days of HughesNet won't count towards your service plan data! We give you this unmetered time to download software updates that can use a lot of data. Your data will automatically reset when depleted for the first 20 days only. After this grace period, you’ll have the full amount of your service plan data to use for the remainder of the month.

Apparently some download allowance 'fairy' has been resetting my data allowance on some mysterious schedule to implement this "welcome benefit".  I'm, of course, fine with that! Smiley LOL   It seems that the Usage Meter usage history page is reflecting my actual data usage and making some projection of remaining data allowance based on that, while all the other measures seem to be getting reset (again, no complaints here about that).  I guess I need to go grab my GPS and download the latest map set during this 'grace period' and if I didn't want to wait for the Win10 v1703 CBB I might be tempted to update to v1703. 


Thanks HughesNet I'll enjoy this 20 download allowance grace period.  Woooohooo.



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Re: Gen5 Data Allowance Status discrepancies

Just to complicate matters we also have to keep in mind:

If you use a third party method measurement method such as a router's internal tools or something like Glasswire Networx we need to keep time periods in mind. A third party tool will likely use 12am to 11:59:59 as a "usage day" where as the amounts deducted from our allowance(s) are divided into two periods ... Anytime (8am to 2am ... note runs into the next 'day') and Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

Also there is the matter of 'retransmissions' and some savings due to compression at the Gateway besides some utilities counting as 1024 versus 1000 per MB.