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Gen5 Down on Beam 81?

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Gen5 Down on Beam 81?

Really as much as we have to pay for this service Hughesnet should give a credit back on accounts. You cant even get ahold of them through customer service very disappointing!!!!
Associate Professor

In the event you somehow missed the very large notice at the top of the community...

Hughesnet is overwhelmed with support calls, as an entire satellite has gone offline.  Any credit you get back, will be minimal as it would be calculated based upon total duration of a system wide outage.  You wont be getting much if anything, trust me.

That's not the point even if it was a small amount it would show good faith on there part in customer satisfaction as far as I feel about it even if it's something out of there control. They don't let you slid on your bill just because you are short on money so why should customers be expected to pay for a service that they can't use!
Associate Professor

Knowing Hughesnet, they might credit customers for a day of service if it's out long enough, or give them extra data as a good faith gesture.  However, that will require the outage to be rather lengthy in time.

Well at least that's better than doing nothing telling customers to deal with it. It's your problem not ours. I would like to see some sort of credit as a good faith on their part.