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Gen5 Slow Internet Speeds, Never Has Been Good.

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Gen5 Slow Internet Speeds, Never Has Been Good.

Results of speed tests. From lan connection, nothing else in use, WIFI turned off.

Nearly same results regardless of when i check it. I have had it over a year.


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The mods may need more tests -- you only have today's tests. You should run tests over maybe another day or two, spaced about 3 to 5 minutes apart, in batches 3 or 4 times a day.  Your upload test file size should be 4 MB.

I have had this system since sept.3 2017 and have checked it dozens of times with similar results, upload speeds will be an issue after the first of the year which is why im trying to resolve this. These are just the most recent results.

 I can do it a dozen times with larger files and the results are similar. Im just looking for thoughts on if this could be a hardware issue.

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In order to escalate the issue to troubleshooting in this community,more tests are needed for the engineers to analyze. Until there are more tests, it's all speculation, and guessing at what might be wrong would waste your time.    


Go to this page:!/home/status


What's the system status?

status is green

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OK, cool. I suggest you run some more test batches tonight and tomorrow morning. 

I have a 755 ms latency. This is over 710 milliseconds greater than even dsl.I know the packets are traveling to the sattelites and back before reaching the servers, but it shouldn't be any more than 150,... 300 round trip also the jitter usually hovers around 610 ms. I know that the jitter is being caused by my latency issue, which

makes me think that my packet loss problem is either the modem or the radio.

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"I have a 755 ms latency. This is over 710 milliseconds greater than even dsl"


Don't compare satellite with DSL, as they're two different beasts. The latency you experience is normal for satellite + network traffic + website content. 

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