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Guaranteed excellent GB service for what I needed

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Guaranteed excellent GB service for what I needed

When I called to get this service, I asked the sale agent that I had 1000 GB and only used 300-500 GB with AT&T. I told him that I needed the same with Hughesnet. He said no problem. I told him that I use ROKU and use the Directv Now app with Roku, that I use directv App to watch everything. He again said no problem. So when I asked him what would be the best offer, he said the 10GB should work out for me. I asked him if I could do a month to month deal to see if this service would be the right fit for me, he said no problem. So I scheduled for the service to be installed on 4/2/19. On 4/29/19 I called your customer service number and complain that my service keeps buffering, they said that I had already used my 10GB and that is why it is buffering, then they said I had 25 mbps. I asked them what that was, that the sales agent said my plan would work for me. I told them that I am on a month to month plan. They said I have a 2 year contract, they then said the 20GB would probably work better for me. It has not, the same thing happened. So on 5/8/19 I called the customer service and they told me to call the corpoate office number, they could not help me at all, they stated that I was on a 2 year contract. I told them that is not right. Again, I stated that the sales agent did not tell me that, that I had asked to be on a month to month plan. So I changed my plan to the 5GB, that I am not paying for something that is not working for me. I was told that the corporate office could help. I am noy happy with this service at all. I would like to have the contract that I was not told of to be deleted/cancelled.

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Being that it hasn't been that long since your sales call, it's likely that the reps will be able to have the call pulled to verify what was discussed.  You may have recourse if it's determined that the sales agent did not set appropriate expectations.  


The reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST.  They usually answer within a day, so you'll probably hear from one tomorrow.

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Hello @jlplunkett2019,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for the vast amount of misinformation you may have received over the sales call. If you were using between 300 and 500GB a month with your original service, you should have been informed on how much you would need to cut back on content usage, as a few HD movies could eat up most of your data on a 10GB plan. I will be investigating the sales call to notate and document any misinformation that may have been given. Please allow up to a full business week for the investigation to be completed. I will then private message you with details regarding the call and the steps we will be taking in light of the results. I apprentice your patience in advanced. 






I have finished investigating the sales call. After reviewing this call, there was no mention by you or our sales agent regarding the type of plan you were on previously, besides it being AT&T. The sales agent only explained the different GB plans we had and was never informed of your previous 1000GB plan. The terms and conditions were also read in their entirety, detailing the 24-commitment and cancellation fees included. There was also no mention of a "month to month" plan. Instead, you were told you would be paying each month like most internet service providers. You agreed to all terms without any questions until the end of the call, which was regarding your rebate and switching your payment method to invoice after you were installed. In regards to the type of data plan you signed up with, you expressed to the sales agent that it would just be you using the service for your Roku device and email. Due to this information, the sales agent recommended you not start with a 20GB plan, as this may have not been needed based on what you explained you would be using the service for. In light of this information, we will not be allowing you to cancel without paying your termination fee, as you agreed to the terms and conditions. You were also informed of your 24-month contract and its cancellation fees, before signing up and giving verbal agreement.