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HN Tech Support Horror Story, Not quite.

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HN Tech Support Horror Story, Not quite.

I have read a number of horror story posts related to HN tech support and I am sure some may be valid, but after an interaction with HN tech support I am tending to think many of the horrors are subscriber imposed.


I will start by stating HN tech support folks are script readers, but guess what, that's the standard of the ISP industry and that is the toolbox they work with, so go along with it.


My problem and it has been echoed many times here and in other forums was a severe slowdown in the evening, I contacted HN and politely made it very clear, if HN cannot solve the problem, they HN will have terminated our agreement by default.


The tech support person requested if I was willing to allow HN to begin some trouble shooting of the problem which I agreed to.


We went through the basics, hardwired connection to the modem, yes.


Single device connected to the modem, yes.


May I place you on hold and run some tests, yes.


The modem was remotely rebooted reconnected and shortly after that the TSR and asked me to check the connection with a few web sites one being


End result same problem, again was asked if I could be put on hold for a few more minutes, I agreed.


After a few more minutes the TSR came back and advised my connection to the satellite was proper however I was only getting 12% of the download I subscribed to, I was advised this was going to be escalated to "engineering" and someone there would be contacting me soon .


Very good, the TSR utilized the tools that the TSR had access to and instead of denying a problem, pushed it uphill.


That is good customer support, period.









Did tech support call you back? 

I'm curious if they ever called back, too. There are plenty of stories here about promised calls never being returned.


My online chat support experience was, unfortunately, not so great.

Well time for an update.

Was contacted by HN on the 20th in reference to the complaint I filed and the rep explained due to an unexpected demand for Gen 5 service the beam I am assigned is well over capacity and they are working diligently to resolve the problem.


The rep went on to say it should be resolved within a couple of weeks, but in the meantime to placate me my monthly fee would be reduced by $30 for six months.


Well HN certainly did something because my connection went from 40+ megs during the day and 12 or so megs after 5pm EST, down to 3 megs during the day and .22 after 5pm EST.


I contacted HN last night and had a rather long conversation with customer retention and they agreed to send me a box and instructions on how to dismantle the LNB and disconnect the modem to be shipped back, they also due to all of the problems I am having, waived any ETF.

So I am putting HN in the rearview mirror and moving on. 

Federal Communications Commission

Distinguished Professor IV

They've given awards to Hughesnet.  But I'm sure they can use the big chuckle.


@WT4FEC wrote:

Federal Communications Commission


@maratsade wrote:

They've given awards to Hughesnet.  But I'm sure they can use the big chuckle.


@WT4FEC wrote:

Federal Communications Commission


That's actually who I filed my compalint with, but this forum doesn't allow the acronym for that agency to be used in a post.


It's really odd after I filed my complaint my 25 meg service could hit over 40 meg with a 25meg download at during the day.


12/17 8:10 AM EST12/17 8:10 AM EST 

After I received a call from HN on the 20th the connection went back into the tank.