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HT1100 connectivity issues

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HT1100 connectivity issues

When the HT1100 modem is in use all 5 lights on the box should be lit (LAN, Transmit, Receive, System and Power).  Every day at random times I get the No Internet Access message.  When I check the HT1100 only the Power light (or the Power and the LAN lights) are lit.  I have unplugged the modem from the surge protector, unplugged the surge protector from the wall, plugged the modem into the wall directly, powered the surge protector off and back on, switched receptical holes and used a pin to RESET the modem.  Sometimes when powering back on, ALL lights appear and stay on (for awhile).  Sometimes when powering back on only the Power light appears.  I am lucky enough to have 2 different internet providers at home.  However I work from home and don't always have the time to spend playing with this modem.  So I just switch providers and try again later.

I wonder if the modem itself is bad.  Any suggestions?

Associate Professor

When the unit goes down, are you able to access and see what the modem is complaining about?  If the LAN light is lit, you *should* be able to access that address when using a computer, regardless of the transmit/recieve and system lights.