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HT2000 Router broken

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HT2000 Router broken

The last 3 days my router has not worked it only has 2 lights on it that lite up n that is power n the wifi symbol. All the others stay unlit. I can't get costumer care to understand that I can't pull up their pages they'd like me to because I can't connect to wifi. After 40 mins on the phone she says she checked my weather n we have a cloud, to call back tomorrow. I tell her the router is broken. I pay for Express how can I get a new router sent to me? Please help!

Hi DaBrowns,


  I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I can certainly send you a modem so you can get back online. Please expect your replacement modem in the mail soon. You can use the same box to return your old modem, the return shipping label should be in the outer pouch.



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