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HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering

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HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering



6 week customer here, and have to say I am extremely disappointed.


A couple weeks back I contacted customer service via telephone, and ended up speaking to a gentleman that I could not understand due to his accent, so am going this route.


I again contacted customer service via internet last night:  #112560788


I have the 25mbs plan. 


Download speeds are horrible.  Even now with the wifi turned off and directly connected via LAN, the speeds are horrible.


We cannot stream a movie without buffering occuring every few minutes, and the pixelation..... Add to it the power disconnects and manual resets.


I am no genius, but am smart enough to know that there is something wrong with our service.   I do not know how to post any information on here to show what is happening.


After reading posts re. this topic, i am disenchanted knowing that 6 weeks in, i have a poor product with a 2 year contract.


Either I need a different model modem, or hughes net needs to get this fixed.  80 some dollars a month, and we can't stream, or use our other devices, which are two phones and a tablet.


It also shows I am in FAP mode.  How is this even possible?   The customer service agent stated he was going to credit our account for the downtime we had, but I didn't even see where that was applied. 


Thanks for any help you can provide, and sorry if I come across rudely.  I am just extremely frustrated to be paying for something that does not work properly and will be stuck using for two years or pay out the rear end to get rid of.



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Re: HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering

If you have used all your monthly data (hence you are in FAP), then of course you will be slowed down signifigantly.  This will result in extreme difficulties streaming, especially during prime-time hours.

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Re: HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering

I feel your pain - it's worse than dial-up was - I'm 18 months in and it takes an hour to watch a 30minute tv show on Netflix - I called 4 times today and the call dropped 3 times (my phone only works thru wifi no cell tower around here) I want to cancel but I'm sure the penalty will be horrendous - I say all this as a warning to not imagine you will get this fixed - sorry!

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Re: HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering



Though it won't make any difference right now due to you being subject to FAP, have you tried pausing, or turning off, the Video Data Saver when attempting to stream to see if it makes any difference?  


The credit for the downtime was most likely a monetary credit, not a data credit.  


Even though this is a late reply (11PM here) and you may not see this until tomorrow, it would be a good idea to leave your modem plugged in if you don't already do so.  This way the reps can run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment if they deem it necessary.  The reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, though it can take them a day or two to reply.  


With regard to your data being depleted and you being in FAP, do you have each of your devices set in such a way that they use as little data as possible on their own?  Things like syncing, the cloud and automatic updates can use a lot of data.  Also, satellite TV receivers can use a HUGE amount of data, even when they're not being actively used for on demand viewing.  Because of this, connecting a satellite TV receiver to HughesNet is normally advised against.  Installing an ad blocker in your browser can also help to save a good little bit of data.  AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin seem to be the two most popular.  If you'd like help in learning how to set your devices to use a little data as possible just say the word, as many of us would be happy to assist you.  In the meantime, the following two threads may be of help in this area....


The normal procedure when diagnosing speed issues is to run some speed tests using a certain protocol, but with you being in FAP, and with you possibly having connection issues (from what you've mentioned), it would be pointless to run them right now.  Fear not, though, as the reps will help you.  Smiley Happy   

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Re: HT2000W Problems Consistent Slow Speed and Buffering

Good morning Willaurean,


Thanks for reaching out in the community. I see in your notes that we've already processed your account for cancellation yesterday. I wish we could have worked together here to address your concerns. In any case, if you have any additional concerns, feel free to post back.



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