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HT2000W System light off, no internet access

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HT2000W System light off, no internet access

Good Evening!


I'm new to this community, but have had Hughesnet for about a year, and any help at all is appreciated!


So I have an HT2000W router whos System light stays off, and has no internet access. All of the other lights are on, but the Transmit/Receive lights don't blink.


In the System Control Center, system status shows this:

Diagnostic Code:                             0000-4000-0400-0043

State Code:                                      21.1.5 -- Connecting to gateway

Summary Operational State:            Down

IP Gateway Association State:         Associating

TCP Acceleration:                            Down

Satellite Receive Signal Strength:    93


I have tried reboots as well as unplugging, waiting about a minute, and plugging it back up. I have about half of my data plan remaining, and it's been sunny and clear outside all day.


Thank you for reading!


Hello Chad,

  Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I apologize you are going through this. After running diagnostics on your account, I can see we need to get a technician out to replace the modem and the radio transmitter. Please see your private messages for further details.