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HT2000W System light off, no internet access

New Poster

HT2000W System light off, no internet access

Good Evening!


I'm new to this community, but have had Hughesnet for about a year, and any help at all is appreciated!


So I have an HT2000W router whos System light stays off, and has no internet access. All of the other lights are on, but the Transmit/Receive lights don't blink.


In the System Control Center, system status shows this:

Diagnostic Code:                             0000-4000-0400-0043

State Code:                                      21.1.5 -- Connecting to gateway

Summary Operational State:            Down

IP Gateway Association State:         Associating

TCP Acceleration:                            Down

Satellite Receive Signal Strength:    93


I have tried reboots as well as unplugging, waiting about a minute, and plugging it back up. I have about half of my data plan remaining, and it's been sunny and clear outside all day.


Thank you for reading!


Re: HT2000W System light off, no internet access

Hello Chad,

  Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I apologize you are going through this. After running diagnostics on your account, I can see we need to get a technician out to replace the modem and the radio transmitter. Please see your private messages for further details.