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When does HughesNet plan on making the USB port on the HT2000W functional?  I would like to use a hard drive docking station to set up a NAS but they all use USB connections.

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Though I can't answer your question about the HT2000W, as I simply don't know, you can use a 3rd party router with it, and many decent routers have storage capabilities via USB. 


With that said, if they do have any consumer intended plans for the USB port they're likely on hold due to the current pandemic related increase in workload.

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Thanks for the quick reply GabeU. I have had my network set up with another wifi router used to connect a hard drive docking station but the router gave up the ghost and I am trying to avoid purchasing another router just to use for the USB port.


Hi nmhimmerich,


Thanks for bringing this up, I don't have any info on whether we have plans for that USB port yet, but I've submitted your feedback up to management. Thank you for taking the time to share!



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