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Hacked Router


Re: Hacked Router

Considering I'm seeing the same thing on my Verizon Jetpack I'm going to stick with my facts. The same mac address is present there (0a:80:ar:66:f4:e8) see attached pic. While using my Verizon Jetpack I can see HN turning on and off every 1 to 2 seconds. What this doing is making my ability to make wifi calls and surf the web impossible. This Im formation goes along with your screenshot of 40+ resets in less that 3 secounds. I can forward you the video of this happening through a Dropbox link if you want.
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Re: Hacked Router



Fact: 0A:80:AE:XX:XX:XX addresses are broadcasts, from your HT2000w.  As I stated, the HT2000w will perform a scan every so often for a Hughesnet Wifi Booster.  During this time you will see an unknown wifi network broadcast for a few seconds while running any form of a wifi scanner that's built to detect different networks.
Fact: Your terminal wasn't hacked.
Fact: @JT-Hughes has a totally different issue.  The modem will reboot it self automatically if it detects issues with the coax cable, or if the ODU (Outdoor Unit) shorts out. 
Fact: Wifi Calling over Hughesnet is NOT supported.
Fact: Amanda has reset your terminal.

Go ahead and provide a dropbox link, but chances are what you're seeing is as I stated previously.


Re: Hacked Router

I was just about to say something nice about corrosive,  which no doubt is deserved..  obviously knowledgeable and does a pretty good job of staying civil...   way way better than I would be able to do..   well good i think i just did.


good thing because now the familiar beginning of ......   skip upset, and frusration and anger,   wouldn't want to say rage but not too far off.    I checked my meter and it says 35% remaining..    gosh **bleep** #$%^& $%^& sob ..  i have in no way shape or $%^&*  form used that ...    so what am I going to be told now..?   I figure in a day or two I'll be out and what does that come to....   $110 +  round abouts.,   that's alot of #$%^& money,   at least to me it is.   especially  for darn near nuthin..  besides the wasted time, frustration, tears sweat and blood that is.


and corrosive,   I say again...   that other post was from b4 tech came out ...  I'm about to delete it if i can find it.


please understand,  any anger / frustration expressed  is in no way directed at you guys,  save one..  all have been the epitome of professional and pretty much as helpful as could be,   save one..   given the circumstances.  




Re: Hacked Router

Professor Corrosive,


I say respectfully,  you might want to grab a sandwich..   I submit to you a teeny tiny fraction of the referenced log.   (  is gratuitous arp a good thing??  )


please note:  Log initiates at approx.  8 pm  this evening   ( Mon )


I left for my class around 4 pm and returned home at 10:30 pm,   fixed a quick batchelor type meal then hopped on what has become my most visited site,  and been on since then and am now posting the System Log ...

not in an angry or hostile or accusatory way,  but rather with the genuine hope that it might resolve to some extent,  hopefully substantially for not just me,  not just for Catherine,  but for Catherine, me,  for the support team and for Hughesnet as well.  ( I believe )  If this thing isn't grabbed by the neck, strangled and killed..   all internet-**bleep** ( he*l )  will be unleased..      that's just speculation coming from one simpleton.   



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Re: Hacked Router


System Log
I'm gonna have to attach it or something...  cuz this thing is way way way more 
than 50K characters..    I'm guessing between 50M and 50B    
i'll post a tiny sliver just to not completely disappoint ..
Jun 25 20:25:50 (none) dhclient: [gratuitous_arp:125] dhclient gratuitous arp.
Jun 25 20:25:50 (none) dhclient: [dhcpack:1394] dhclient receive ack from server(
Jun 25 20:25:50 (none) dhclient: DHCPACK from
Jun 25 20:25:50 (none) dhclient: [send_request:2730] dhclient send request.
Jun 25 20:25:50 (none) dhclient: adapter index 6
Jun 25 20:24:50 (none) dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0.2 to port 67

Re: Hacked Router



Now I may have this completely wrong,  but I want to show that I am not "just out to get"  nor  coming from a position of "it's all their fault"  or  "it's us against them"   nope,   only trying to resolve matters.. much the same as you I'm guessing. So as I was about to say,   in my world,  Jetpack is a WordPress plugin for SEO Optimization,  putting that out there first..   when you say   


"While using my Verizon Jetpack I can see HN turning on and off every 1 to 2 seconds."


were not talking about 'activity'  are we ?    does yours go "on and off"    cuz I would describe mine 

as more of a flashing on and off,  not at all like 1 or 2 seconds...   sometimes it goes into what could

be described as more of a hyper flash  ...  or   warp-speed  flash..       forgive me if it sounds like I'm 

dumbing things down..   not my intention but I am a bit of a simpleton remember.   I totally wish you luck.






Re: Hacked Router

Hi Catherine,


When you can, please perform a manual factory reset on your modem. I will provide the steps below. I am unable to communicate with your modem and the resets are not being received.


As for the "hacked" portion... I'm no expert in cyber security, but I don't think that is what is going on here. We too had an issue in our lab like the one in your video (wi-fi appearing and disappearing quickly) which resolved itself after I rebooted my phone. 


Download the HT2000W Wi-Fi Modem User Guide


How to reset to factory settings

  1. On the back of the HT2000W (right under the white label), there is a ‘Reset’ button.
  2. Use a paper clip (or some small/thin object to insert in the hole)
  3. Insert the paper clip, press the button one time and release
  4. Press the WPS button on the front of the HT2000W
  5. After the lights on the HT2000W are back on, login using the password on the back of the modem. (Refer to the User Guide for appropriate modem lights)


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Re: Hacked Router

@Amanda wrote:

When you can, please perform a manual factory reset on your modem. I will provide the steps below. I am unable to communicate with your modem and the resets are not being received.

Lol... I've seen this solution somewhere very early in this thread... 🤣

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Hacked Router

 the following line was added:

(  this is in reference to all the private messages being sent..  I didn't use the QUOTE fcn,  so it is out of context )





This is all relevant, useful and possibly helpful information...

Is it not possible to eliminate anything identifying and or sensitiv

so that the rest of the community could learn and potentially

resolve their issues as well ???    


( not intended to be a rhetorical question, but seems to often be..  is this not a community environment )


Re: Hacked Router

DHCP and gratuitous ARP responses

We are seeing many devices in a state where they respond to a gratuitous ARP from the controller even though the DHCP lease for their address is expired.


This causes an issue for other devices because an IP address can be free in DHCP while the "offending" device retains an entry in the controller's user-table.  Assuming the DHCP ping check fails (due to firewalls or a sleeping device), the address is assigned to a new device; this device cannot be inserted into the user-table due to the entry from the earlier "offending" device.



Consider a device that has gone to sleep.  After the time specified by "user idle timeout", a gratuitous ARP is sent and the device is cleared from the user-table if there is no response.


The problem devices are answering the gratuitous ARP even though their DHCP lease is expired. For certain wireless chipsets (Intel), the BIOS answers automatically without bringing the device out of sleep mode.  For certain operating systems (Android), the device can stop communicating with the DHCP server but continue to use its IP address beyond the lease time.




Were you ever able to come up with a work around or fix to this issue?

We are starting to see the same thing spread across multiple sites in an increasing trend, and it is causing an increased load on our help desk.



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Re: DHCP and gratuitous ARP responses


  Have you found a solution or a workaround for the problem?  I think I have the same problem here.





not expecting replies,   just posting and documenting.