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Had to upgrade to gen 5

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Had to upgrade to gen 5

i got reamed over how slow hughesnet was and when the kids burned up are pitifull 250 megs a day on are account and the boys whined at mom about it, she did not care untill she started useing the internet at work then coming hometo this mess with hughesnet service!! Well she got on here or found this forum and posted HUGHESNET SUCKS!!!

Then like all Wifes and Mothers to your kids she tell me to fix the dam crappy thing!!

so i go to hughesnet token page and buy 3 tokens for $12.50 andter waiting about a half hour for that token page to load !!! then after clicking the check box and the submit it say something like this action can not be done at this time try again later so two more attemps are made and the same message!!!

So i walked away and went and worked on my boat i know i will get no bull poo from it but it to still wants my money but i know she will take me fishing any time!!

come back into the house and pass my wife and turned and started to say something and her eyes if they were any more red with fire in them they would have been lazer beams boring fist size holes into me !!! ok i will try to get the internet back up and running is all i could say!!!

i got to the computer and went back to the token page and hey i got a free token and what 12 paid for tokens

those 3 times it said this action or what ever it said can not be done at this time did go through!!

instead of $12.50 hughesnet got they sucked up they took $25.00 more so i checked the free token got the internet back up then like the next day this system died !!! My wife said what a coincidence

so i called hughesnet tech support twice the second tome i got a man thet really spoke ENGLISH

and he tried to help tried to get a new modem but the hn7000s is to old they did not stock it he said

would you like to upgrad at this time??? No i said i have to talk to my wife first

well i got a modem of ebay and the same thing my wife did not want to give hughes net no more money

in her word the crap they sell !!!!

so i called viasat well where we live to many trees and at 17 degs i have to cut a forest down to get to there satellite!!! looked for a transmitter for this old system $350.00 for it, talked to a fer cell phone companies

one is going to put in a new tower out here but could not say when.


So wife be dammed i have sleept in the dog house many time in are 27 years of marrage i called werth wireless today and he came out and installed this new Gen 5 system and it is up and running the web pages do not load any faster when un fap on the old system and it has all ready dropped service while typing this out so i do not know what to say !!

i will have to call hughesnet to cancel the old account tomorrow and see if i can get a refund or transfer the token i had to buy 3 times and i do not know how that will turn out!!!!

So here it is My Wife is not very happy with me for doing this not happy at all !!!!!!! i hope hughes net does not ever ever again cut this internet service off like they have done so many times before!!! The installer

gave us 4 plans to chose from 10 gig 20 gig 30 gig and 50 gig and said he has the 10 gig and he has never had any problems so i took the 20 gig at $59.99 a month and bought the satellite system as i did not want to lease it

SO my Wife said if she or any of the boy complain about not internet service well i am in for it and she walked away went to bed and shut the dam door!!!

Hughesnet i am sleeping on the couch tonight for have to upgrade to this gen 5 service of yours and how ever many night she has me sleeping on that couch tell she cools off i hope !!

i will call tomorrow and try to fix the rest but i pray to GOD that you never ever cut this unlimited internet plan off like you did with the old plan or in your word throttle the speed down so bad you can not get on the internet and do the web stuff she and the boys do !!!!!!!!!!







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If you're experiencing some type of issue(s) with your Gen5 service, please post of the issue(s) in the Tech Support section so that we may begin to help you.  Please be sure to describe the issue(s) as accurately as possible. 

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Really shocked to read there are still people clinging onto the 7000s system, unless living in Alaska or using it in an RV. Those satellites are getting very long in the tooth and are not owned by HughesNet but leased channels.


Anyway, like GabeU says, if you're experiencing problems with the Gen5 then you should start a post in the Tech Support section. As far as "unlimited", you will be throttled to 3 Mbps or lower after going over your plan allowance. Also for the first 20 days on new Gen5 your meter will reset daily and not count against monthly allowance.

well been on the phone with hughesnet for 1 hour and 1 minute been on hold for 37 minutes

trying to cancle the old account and transfering everything to this new account or transfer this new gen 5 account to the old account still on hold on the phone at 40 minutes on hold

it sounds like some sob story music currently all agents are helping other customers ???

I think my wife is right

standing run 1 hour 3 minutes 53 seconds still on hold this is getting funny

do i hang up and call again???

you guys are good after 1 hour and 10 minutes

50 minutes on hold you hung up

now when i call back nothing i can not get no one on the phone

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You should stop calling.  Save time by posting your issues here, clearly, and wait to hear from other customers or the Hughesnet people.


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.



Hi Merlin,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I can understand how frustrating it can be when phone support doesn't go as planned. We were having phone system issues recently, so that was causing the inadvertent disconnects, I apologize for that. Please check your private messages, as I addressed your billing concerns there.


If you have any service performance concerns, please let me know in detail what your experience is like and what you're trying to do. The diagnostics I just ran on your new Gen 5 system currently show all is well and running normally.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Good morning Merlin,


  It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have service concerns, please start a new thread in the Tech Support board and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you. As mentioned before, I've addressed your billing concerns via private message, so please review my message.

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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i had my husban Bill call hughesnet about this account and to try to get this unit fixed since my angry post

and since then he has tried to make things right  tech support kept saying we had to upgrade so my husband

got a different modem just to find out the transmitter went bad so he called one of your dealers to get that part

and it cost more then a new dish and modem

So he ordered your new gen 5 system and i had him put it in his name and i told hime to call hughesnet today to cancle my account i had told hughesnet on the phone he had authority over my account on a different phone call and all he has beed getting is being hanged up on! i do not know what your problem is there at hughesnet

i would like to get this resolved! my home phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx this is a simple cancle of my account

and a refund of $37.50 my husband had to beep buying when your site kept saying this action can not be done at this time

if you do not wish us to be customers and do not want to talk with us then please say so no more of this hanging up and or putting us on hold

for over hours


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Sandi and Bill, you should stop posting until the Hughesnet mods address your issues.  



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This section is not for account support.  For account support, such as cancellation requests,  you should post in the "myAccount and Billing section".   With that said, to cancel an account you should call 866-347-3292.  I realize you have done this already, but this is the only way you can get your account cancelled anytime soon.  


The reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, so the earliest you'll most likely hear from one on here is Monday, but again, for your account issues please post in the "myAccount and Billing" section.  

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Hi @Merlin,


I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience! As @GabeU and @maratsade said, the moderators of this site will be back in the office on Monday. No doubt they will assist you with this as soon as possible. You do not need to call the customer service line again to cancel your account. The moderators can help you do this. Just be patient and wait for a moderator to get back to you. It will most likely be on Monday or Tuesday. 




Worst phone support every, rude, disrespectful, hang up on you, poor communication skills.

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Ratbag, you seem to have several issues with the service and with phone support. But this is not a phone support site, it is a tech support site -- if you have technical issues that need to be addressed, the community, which is made up of fellow customers and Hughesnet staff, is very willing and happy to help.  But you need to start your own topic and not add to other people's threads.  Starting your own topic will get you help faster.  The moderators are usually here M-F from 9-5 and someone will address your concerns; but you will be helped sooner if you create a new thread, state your issues politely and clearly, and wait your turn.  

I have problems with both phone, tech, account and just plain rude people in general that disconnect you, do thousands of speed checks over & over againbut still doesn't solve anything. This service hasn't worked since day 1 and it hasn't even been a week & I have gotten no where after multiple emails, phone calls and chat sessions, I have now posted a sign in my yard & I do live on a main street by the beach about Hughes Net.

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I'd be frustrated too in your situation.  Hang out here, and another customer or a moderator (Hughesnet employee) will address your concerns.